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2022 Platinum Award Winner, Integrated Campaign at the 2022 Hermes Creative Awards


Linden Digital Marketing and EarthPlanter have been working together for the past seven years. EarthPlanter was founded in 2012 and is the national leader in commercial self-watering planter systems. During each year of our relationship, Linden has helped EarthPlanter meet—and often exceed—their revenue goals, which are typically double the previous year’s.

Our partnership mirrors their mission: high quality, positive return on investment, and peace of mind. Together, we have spent significant time getting to know each other and learning the details of their business. We are responsible for all of EarthPlanter’s digital marketing, and our strategies have continued to evolve year after year to constantly seek new opportunities for their growth and success.  Over 25 different digital marketing channels are utilized for EarthPlanter including Google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest organic, Facebook organic, LinkedIn organic, branded organic search, unbranded organic search, email, partner placement ads, Bing organic, YouTube organic, and referrals from partner sites.

Challenges & Solutions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Much like selecting the perfect EarthPlanter, Linden Digital Marketing needed to evaluate the best fit digital platforms to not only gain back business that was lost in 2020, but to exceed those numbers to lead to a more profitable 2021. Through strategic evaluation of company goals, past years’ data, and previous campaign successes and failures, Linden moved forward with the following integrated marketing initiatives for 2021: website management and development, branding, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), organic social media, paid social media, print media, and digital strategy and reporting.

Goals & Objectives

Integrated campaign goal: During 2021, recover the 10% in sales that were lost from 2020 and generate an additional 15%.

Supporting campaign goals included:

  • Increase website conversions from the previous year
  • Increase the quantity and quality of website quote requests from previous year
  • Generate increased revenue on paid ad platforms from the previous year
  • Integrate all marketing and messaging to seamlessly allow campaigns to work in tandem with each other



There were three phases to the process of developing this integrated campaign:

  1. Identification of strong traffic and quality lead channels
  2. Channel optimization
  3. Measuring results

High Level Results


Overall, increased sales by 25%  for 2021.

Recovered the 10% sales loss from the pandemic in 2020.

Generated an additional 15% in sales for 2021.

123% increase in revenue growth via higher quality leads from integrated marketing campaigns.

72% increase in conversion rate.

Met these goals without increasing media budget.

Integrated Digital Marketing Channel Results

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