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Jiffy Ice Drills

Jiffy Ice Drills is one of the oldest ice drill brands still on the market today; a brand that became a tradition passed down to future generations.

Linden Digital Marketing reinvigorated this long-standing brand using season-specific marketing strategies and multi-channel integrated campaigns, including email marketing, organic social content, social media advertising, and Google Search and Google Shopping ads. Additionally, our team focused on brand management (online and in-person) and created a unique Ambassador Program where Linden helped recruit the team and managed its members and impact throughout the season.

The Results

Achieved a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 10.35x (surpassing our goal of 4x).

Increased revenue from email marketing 46% year over year.

Implemented Google Shopping to reduce overall Google cost by 33%.

Reached 236% more people on Instagram year over year.

Instagram followers increased 20% year over year. 

The total impressions to their Facebook content increased 53% year over year.

I was recently asked by a longtime friend, “How do you handle marketing, social media, website management, SEO, FB, IG, YouTube, email campaigns and your Pro Staff/Influencers and all the content that goes into all that?”

I told them about meeting Linden Digital. We had huge challenges as we were trying to reinvigorate a long-standing brand and also build a newly launched brand in one of our divisions. Linden Digital is so easy to work with and had all the skills to navigate all of our challenges. Being in the retail trade, it is not easy, but Linden developed the right campaign, the right messaging in all facets, social as well as website and email campaigns to build the brands.

Lindsay and her team are so diverse in their knowledge and covered all bases, really taking off our shoulders what we were not experts in, but they are. The weekly meetings that they established to set direction and always staying in front of the next “thing” happening was key. I appreciate that they deliver options and different ways to solve the problem and then we as the team decided on the right direction for us. I would hire Linden all over again as it is like talking to a friend with the know-how on how to get it done.

Kevin Widder
President, CEO
Jiffy Ice Drills and Badger Earth Tools

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