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TorcSill Foundations provides their clients complete foundations solutions—from engineering and design, to manufacturing and installation. TorcSill’s previous website design was professional and polished, but we found through traffic analysis that site users were having a difficult time navigating their website. Their online forms were also difficult to find and prone to spam on their previous hosting provider.

We’re very proud of this redesign and are grateful to be working with a company that provides a cost effective, environmentally focused product to their clients—we’d certainly recommend TorcSill for your next foundation project!

Our current marketing efforts encompass branded SEO, paid media campaigns, and print design.

The Results

The results below represent year over year data.

TorcSill Foundation Solutions

48% increase in website sessions.

47% increase in website users.

101% increase in paid ad clicks.

86% increase in social media profile engagements.

Paid media impressions increased by 254%.

42% increase in goal lead conversion competitions.

12/1/21 – 9/30/22 compared to previous year

Linden Digital Marketing’s team of marketing professionals has helped TorcSill tremendously by increasing our website traffic, developing Google and LinkedIn Ads, and strategically re-building our website to cater to our customers. Lindsay and her marketing team are great to work with, and their experience and professionalism allows me to focus on the important aspects of TorcSill. Linden Digital Marketing can provide a full turnkey marketing process, or work with your internal marketing professional. Call Lindsay to discuss their reasonable pricing and be prepared for an easy integrated service.

Chris Haltom, Director of Sales, Energy

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