Linden Cohort.

$750.00 / month

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Linden Cohort, and the first 15 seats are exclusively open to our trusted clients and partners. This series of courses is designed to help small businesses scale and grow their marketing.

What you’ll get:

  • Empowerment for Small Businesses: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to scale your operations.
  • Expert Training: Receive top-tier digital marketing training from industry leaders.
  • Community Support: Thrive in a collaborative Slack group environment.
  • Strategic Growth: Implement high-impact strategies tailored to your business needs.

Secure your spot and transform your business with the Linden Cohort! 🚀



6 months of classes that we’ve seen have the highest ROI for business just starting their marketing efforts.

  1. Week 1: LinkedIn

    Getting started – personal and business profile – good head shot, cover photo, resume, endorsements/recommendations.

  2. Week 3: Google My Business/Branded SEO

    Branded SEO (vs non branded – quickly), Google My Business profile, getting reviews, descriptions, posts, messages, getting back to reviews (how to respond to negative reviews).

  3. Week 5: Website

    Discuss WordPress vs Shopify vs Wix vs SquareSpace vs Custom, What is hosting, What is domain.

  4. Week 7: Personal Branding (Ushi)

    Guest class.

  5. Week 9: Google Analytics

    Installing and basic measurements – mostly working meeting.

  6. Week 11: Organic Social Media/Photography

    How often to post, what to post, rule of threes, what to take pictures of.

  7. Week 13: Canva & Basics of Design

    Don’t get crazy, less is more, stay on brand, setting up brand colors, templates, staying organized, working meeting.

  8. Week 15: Email

    Klaviyo, MailChimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, etc. How to choose? What to pay attention to?

  9. Week 17: CRMs

    Sales, organization (HubSpot).

  10. Week 19: SEO – Unbranded

    What it is, how to choose keywords? free research tools, how to tell what your competitors are trying to rank for, basic strategies, google trends.

  11. Week 21: Digital Ads

    What are these? Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, X Ads, Reddit, OTT, just give everyone a description, think about what could make sense for your business.

  12. Week 23: Asana/Slack/One Pass

    Project management tools, how to use? keeping teams on track, how to integrate into your business.

  13. Week 25: Awards and PR

    How to apply, how to look for PR, applying for awards, tying these opps to digital, following up on LinkedIn.

  14. Week 27: Google Analytics 2

    Recap and look at growth from what we’ve worked on.

  15. Week 29: YouTube vs Vimeo

    How to choose? How to grow?

  16. Week 31: AI


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