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Finding Roots at Linden Digital Marketing: The Co-Op Experience

At Linden Digital Marketing, two of our biggest strengths are powerful marketing tactics and top-notch employees. Since the beginning of the company, Linden has utilized RIT’s co-op program to connect us with intelligent and driven talent. Joseph and Thomas are our two current co-ops. And Michele, a Digital Marketing Analyst, started with us as a co-op in 2018 and has stayed with us ever since. Linden Digital Marketing prioritizes internal promotions, so we love having the opportunity to hire our co-ops. 

Linden is proud of each of our co-ops’ unique journeys, so we took the opportunity to delve into each of their stories. Check it out! 


I heard about Linden through my favorite professor, Cherrie Mahon. I told her I was looking for a co-op, and she referred me to her friend Lindsay (Reardon at the time!) Connelly. 

Lindsay was extremely busy managing her business as a solo entrepreneur, so she wanted to hire someone to help with clients and potentially grow.

My role has shifted massively since starting as a co-op—from coordinator, to specialist, to analyst within 4 years. If you give with ferocious dedication to this company, it gives back with that same ferocity. I think of Linden as an ever-growing and ever-thriving organism, rather than just a network of data and results. The Linden tree (which inspired our company name) applies not only to how we help our clients grow, but how we grow internally as a team.

It was a big risk becoming the first employee of a start-up, and I thank myself every day for taking that leap! Linden has since grown to 9 employees, and it has gotten better with every hire.


I first heard about Linden through a classmate who knew Lindsay (shoutout to Patrick!), and he recommended I apply to Linden. What made me really want to join the company was Linden’s CEO, Lindsay, taking time in the interview to explain what Linden could do for me in addition to what I could do for them; Linden wanted to support my growth as a digital marketer. After the interview, I knew this would be a perfect internship for me. 

My responsibilities grew over time, from helping out with small tasks to completing large projects from start to finish. My plan after graduation is to continue pursuing a career in digital marketing. My current passions in marketing are paid ads and web development/design. 

Linden provides opportunities through challenging tasks while also offering to help whenever I struggle with something, which I always appreciate. I continue to take on more and more responsibilities at Linden, and it’s all because Linden trusted me first. Linden’s dedication to my growth has made this a rich marketing co-op experience. 


Having just moved to Rochester, I wasn’t sure where I would find a job in marketing to fulfill my co-op requirement. A friend, fraternity brother in Delta Sigma Pi, and current colleague of mine, Joseph Kim, recommended that I apply to Linden Digital Marketing.

Through a series of emails and a few short interviews, Lindsay and the team determined that I possessed the skills Linden needed. Over the course of a few months, I’ve had the ability to challenge myself and learn more about digital marketing than I could anywhere else. Most importantly, I have had this wonderful, supportive team behind me, encouraging me at every step and allowing me to apply myself to help the company, as well as take time to learn new creative skills.

I strongly believe that the mutual honesty and support that Linden is built on is imperative to personal growth and career development. Instead of a simple co-op requirement, I got a dream job, and for that, I am extremely grateful!

The Linden team is honored to work with these passionate people and is proud of their dedication and continued mastery of their skills. We are always seeking new teammates that want to grow in harmony with us, whether it be through a co-op or a full time hire.

If these Linden Digital Marketing experiences piqued your interest, we welcome you to reach out; new positions are added on a regular-basis and we’d love to learn more about you.