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Linden Digital Marketing Onboarding Process

Linden’s 5-Step Approach: What to Expect as a Client Onboarding

Congratulations! You’ve evaluated your options and decided to move forward with Linden. Now you’re ready to hit the ground running and offload your marketing to our dedicated team! 

Every marketing firm has a different process to get things started. Your journey at Linden starts with our customized digital marketing onboarding process that we have optimized through years of feedback with our clients to ensure you’re set up for success.

Let’s dive into our 5-step onboarding process:

Linden's 5-Step Onboarding Process. Sign the proposal, fill out the onboarding documents, initial audit, campaign setup and approval, launch.

1.) Review & sign your proposal

  • Your proposal includes the high-level marketing strategy and channels we’ve discussed and recommended on our discovery calls. We provide recommendations on channel(s) backed by research and experience during the evaluation phase.
  • After you sign your proposal, you’ll be sent your first invoice and schedule a 1-hour kickoff call with your main point of contact at Linden. 
  • Your main point of contact is assigned by carefully evaluating your custom needs and matching you with one of our all-star team members who can best serve your business. This expedites project delivery for you and streamlines communication.

2.) Fill out your onboarding documents

  • We love this part! In truth, we love all the steps, but this one shines because we get to know you and the intricacies of your company. We can then use this knowledge to brag about you to the world.
  • Each onboarding document is tailored to the marketing channels we’ve chosen together.

3.) Initial audit

  • Current marketing audit: We’ll review your current marketing channels and tactics and the results from each. This provides us with valuable insights into your business’s unique marketing landscape. It also allows us to track progress each month by measuring against your current results.
  • Web/Google Analytics audit: We’ll review your current Google Analytics and other tracking/analytics software setup. This helps us understand what key activities you’re currently tracking and how you organize your data. (Or if you don’t have one, we will install Google Analytics and create an analytics strategy for you.) 
  • Landscape review and goal definition: We’ll research your competitors and your industry. Then we work with you to identify where you currently “stand” and create monthly goals (i.e. increase website sales, leads, or traffic by x% each month; gain x leads or sales from social media ads; improve ROI for x tactic, etc.).

4.) Campaign setup and approval

  • Pre-launch: We’ll schedule a pre-launch call where we make sure everything is organized and in place to begin building your channel(s).
  • Campaign review: We send previews of the ads, copy, and/or creative that we will publish to your channel(s) (i.e. email, social media, Google, etc.), the audiences we are planning on targeting, the dates and times we’re planning to launch your ads… basically anything that will be public-facing! We work with you to make any final edits you need before giving us the green light.

5.) Launch!

  • Your marketing campaigns are set live and we start tracking results! You’ll have access to a report that updates you with live results for complete transparency and peace of mind.

And after onboarding…

Review and Refresh

Once the onboarding phase is complete, we move into regular maintenance of your channels, which includes: general monitoring, optimization, budget adjustments, and reporting. We also hold weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly review calls, where we assess marketing performance and make recommendations for next steps. This cadence continues throughout our partnership, helping you achieve your marketing and business goals. 


Linden’s onboarding approach typically takes 1–3 months, depending on how many digital channels we’re managing for you, how complex your messaging or promotions are, and how quickly you can give us access to your current software or assets.

So there you have it, Linden’s 5-step approach to onboarding. While those are the 5 primary steps, we recognize that each business is unique. That’s why we get to know each of our clients on a personal level—and we’d love to get to know you! 

Start today by filling out our quick contact form so we can get in touch and help your business grow. Pssst! Are you just starting off your marketing firm search? Questions To Consider When Evaluating A Marketing Firm will be a helpful read.