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Brand Story Matters
In 2021, visitors who read Desert Dreamer’s brand mission and practices webpages were nearly 3x times more likely to purchase products. In addition, these visitors spent 25% more, on average, than visitors who did not read these pages.

Why? Because visitors who only reach Desert Dreamer’s shop pages did not know this brand’s story. Desert Dreamer is a trend-forward ethically made clothing brand using earth-friendly recycled materials in all of their apparel. This brand was born in reaction to the carelessness of the fashion industry and they are on a mission to create trend-forward apparel that brings social and environmental awareness across casual fashion.

The people reaching want to support this mission. We now have the tools to support our paramount initiative: to ensure that curious shoppers are aware of the brand’s green practices and unique story, no matter where they are on the site.

Linden Digital is in partnership with Great Escape Media to support this client and we are proud to back a brand that brings social and environmental awareness to casual fashion.

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