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Downtown Decorations, Inc.

Linden Digital Marketing and Downtown Decorations, Inc. are in partnership together for their digital marketing initiatives. Digital marketing tactics include: organic social media, paid social media, email marketing, google ads, and website development. Below is an overview of the results from our joint Organic Social Media efforts over the past year.

DDI’s goal with Organic Social Media is to drive post engagement, new page followers, and brand awareness. Over the course of the year, we utilized eye-catching photography and videography to catch a user’s attention as they are scrolling on their feeds on various platforms. Stories and unique CTAs were also generated which significantly increased user engagement. The data below represents a year over year timeline unless indicated on a specific stat.

The Results


Pageviews up 1,110.9%, 

Unique pageviews up 1,048%

Custom button clicks up 950%

Page engagement rate up 2,957%

Profile visits up 74.8%

15% increase in followers in a 6 month timeline.


Facebook Page Reach up 211.9%

Instagram Profile Reach up 682.8%

Facebook new likes and follows up 110%

Instagram profile visits up 75.4%

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