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Case Study: Hulu Ads for Awareness Building

Family First Credit Union, located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, aimed to drive more traffic to their website and increase mortgage inquiries. Additionally, they aim to promote general banking products monthly to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

In 2023, Linden expanded their services by introducing an “OTT” channel or Over The Top marketing through Hulu ads, by using existing video assets to raise brand awareness.

While performance improved steadily from Q1 2023 through Q4 2023, Family First recognized the need for fresh content and high-quality videos tailored for Hulu. They hired local production company Mountain House Media to produce a collection of videos for digital media usage, which resulted in positive outcomes across all marketing channels when deployed in December.

Below are the commercials Mountain House Media produced, and their results after two months (compared to the previous period). 

The Results

Resulted in a 46% increase in overall conversions.

Increased “Contact Our Mortgage Team” form fills by 440% (10 vs 54).

Increased sessions to the First Time Home Buyers program by 21%.

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