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In 2023, OrthoLazer Centers received 1600% more monthly patient inquiries, 600% more monthly calls, and 2600% more monthly sessions on the website compared to the previous year. Wondering how they achieved these amazing results? This was a direct result of strategic digital marketing in action; Linden launched OrthoLazer Center campaigns on Google and Meta ads focused on new patient acquisition to achieve these results. 

Linden has been managing OrthoLazer Centers’ Website and Organic Social posting since 2020. OrthoLazer Centers provide an innovative and drug-free solution for pain reduction and faster recovery for patients dealing with pain and inflammation related to soft tissue injuries, nerve pain, arthritis, and surgery. The centers prioritize patient convenience by offering state-of-the-art technology, facilities, and software for easy scheduling and treatment completion. But to be able to help more people, they needed to reach more people. 

Our team was tasked with driving new patient inquiries. Our overall strategy focused on capturing intentional patients with Google search ads, while simultaneously driving potential users to the website with ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display, who were then served remarketing ads and lead form ads.

Linden recognized the significance of a data-driven, customer-centric iterative approach to digital marketing. We tested different creative themes and formats to find out what resonated the most with our audience. We also identified a trend of seeing an uptick of conversions during the middle of the night and began serving ads focused on having trouble sleeping from pain. Additionally, we continuously iterated with keywords, locations, and placements to improve conversion rate and drive down cost per lead. 

The Results

Increased  monthly patient inquires by 1600%.

Increased monthly calls by 600%

Increased monthly website sessions by 2600%

Our partnership with Linden Digital helped to raise awareness, drive web traffic, and generate inquiries for our OrthoLazer Centers. The team’s agility and responsiveness were instrumental in establishing a robust direct-to-patient marketing program that helps support the growth of our Centers.

Erin DiVincenzo, Vice President Marketing


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