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Hot Off The Press: Business Strategies When You’ve Made The News

Congrats, you’re famous! Now let’s harness the power of this attention to make an even bigger impact. By focusing on the following tactics, you have the opportunity to highlight your achievements and expand your reach, making meaningful connections with new audiences along the way.

Proactive Social Monitoring

Actively monitoring social media channels allows you to stay informed about when your business is mentioned. Maybe this is how you found out you were in the news, but if not, be sure to find the correlating article after. If you’re tagged, it can be a good opportunity to share it on your own social media channels, prove your relevance, and share the information.

Pro Tip: We recommend a mix of Story reposts and grid posts.

Crafting a Compelling Blog

You also can harness the attention a news story is receiving by crafting a captivating blog to share the information and post it to your website. You want to use your brand’s unique perspective to create a blog post that will resonate with your specific audience. When you share the information, it’s also important to share why your audience should care. Does the change make something easier for your audience? Is it something that reinforces what a great asset you are to your audience? Help them understand why, and they’re more likely to share your excitement.

Pro Tip: Make sure to share this blog to your social channels, too!

Optimize for SEO

To improve your visibility in the digital landscape, optimize your blog post for strategic keywords. This helps the right audience find and engage with this particular post and your website. By ranking higher, you increase the chances of more people finding your blog (and website).

Pro Tip: Aim for a good mix of branded (your business name) and unbranded (phrases and synonyms related to your news story and business) keywords.

Direct Website Traffic with Pop-Ups

Another tactic we recommend is to utilize a pop-up feature on your website, directing visitors to the newly published blog content. This increases visibility of the blog and offers a seamless website navigation experience for your audience.

Pro Tip: Make sure this popup is easily closed and only appears once per session in order to prevent user fatigue.

Communicate with Your Audience via Email

Develop an email piece tailored to your audience that shares the information. Depending on the situation, you can share the news article, your blog content, or write new copy that is exclusive for your email subscribers and each particular audience. By connecting via email, you keep subscribers informed and can create a unique sense of community in a digital space.

Pro Tip: Create separate emails for all three options for the most engagement opportunities.

Tell The Story with Visuals

Keep your audience’s attention by incorporating high-quality images and videos that accompany the narrative. This brings your brand’s story to life and provides the audience with a better visual understanding of the news at hand.

Pro Tip: Utilize the same (or similar) imagery on all of your platforms for peak recognition and the most bang for your buck.

Track Your Data-Driven Results

And, of course, we always recommend tracking your results. By using a platform like Google Looker Studio and connecting analytical tools, you can track the impact of your efforts. From increased website traffic to a growing email list, you can see the numbers from your hardwork and optimize your strategy for the next time you’re in the news!

Pro Tip: Don’t stop now! Harness all of this attention into new customers by directing your captivated audience to your sales channels.

News features don’t happen every day, so take advantage of the limelight and propel your brand’s visibility further. By implementing the tactics discussed in this blog, you give your business the opportunity to grow its audience and increase its relevance, all from one press feature.